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Undergraduate Online Course Syllabi

The undergraduate course syllabi shared below are samples meant to guide you in course selection; they are not current and may not accurately represent what will happen throughout the semester. Once enrolled, your instructor(s) will provide up-to-date course information.

To view class details and course information, please visit MyLaVerne.



Syllabus Course Title Instructor Revision
ACCT 203 Financial and Managerial Accounting Dennis C Kyte, CPA, MBA  01/04/16
BIOL 101 Life Science: The Human Environment Randall Good  05/29/18
BIOL 441 Nutrition Dr. Ryan Harrison  06/06/18
BUS 270 Business Statistics Joel Greenman  08/13/15
BUS 274 Applied Quantitative Analysis Jason Gurtovoy 01/07/19
BUS 330 Business Finance Richard Hasse, MBA 01/05/18
BUS 343 Foundations of Business Ethics Mathilde Genovese  05/29/18
BUS 346 Business Communication Dan Davis, MA  09/20/17
BUS 347 Legal Environment of Business Vitonio F. San Juan 07/29/15
BUS 360 Principles of Marketing Dr. Gordon J. Badovick 05/17/18
BUS 410 Management Information Systems Hovig Krikorian 05/29/18
BUS 496 Business Seminar Dr. Janis Deitz 05/29/18
CMPS 200 Information Technology Dr. Seta Whitby 06/06/18
CMPS 367 Object Oriented Language C++ Ahmad Abu Shanab 06/02/18
ECON 228 Economic Theories and Issues Dr. Gonyung Park 05/22/14
EDUC 310 Foundations in Education Dr. Donna L. Redman 05/29/18
EDUC 350 Child Psychology & Development Educ. Dr. Lynn Stanton-Riggs 05/21/14
EDUC 407 Learning Technology for Educators Katherine Kinsey 05/29/18
EDUC 420 Sex, Health, and Drug Education Susan Shibuya 11/08/16
HUM 313 Exploring World Civilizations Through Art and Theater Dr. Alfred Clark  06/04/18
HSTY 111 US History 1877 to the Present Frank Carlson  05/22/18
INTD 317 Song & Spirit: Music and Religion (formerly CORE 320) Dr. Anita M. Hanawalt & Ryan Harrison, MATP  05/31/18
KINE 001 Fitness for Life Dr. Megan Granquist  08/30/15
MATH 102 Intermediate Algebra Frank Ives 05/29/18
MGMT 300 Principles of Management Dr. Janis Deitz 08/17/15
MGMT 300 Principles of Management Dr. Issam Ghazzawi 08/27/15
MGMT 356 Introduction to Organizational Theory Dr. Omid Furutan 05/21/14
MGMT 359 Managing Change & Conflict Dr. Yvonne Smith 11/17/18
MGMT 360 Financial Management and Budgeting Dr. Janat Yousof  08/09/15
MGMT 368 Culture and Gender Issues in Management Dr. Linda De Long 08/26/15
MGMT 388 Statistics Dr. Susan MacDonald 05/29/18
MGMT 451 International Management Dr. Omid Furutan 05/21/14
MGMT 455 Managing Human Resources Dr. Issam Ghazzawi 11/12/17
MGMT 457 Mediation Mathilde Genovese 05/29/18
MGMT 458 Stress Management Dr. Greta Sonnier 08/22/15
MGMT 459 Org. Behavior: Theory & Application Dr. Omid Furutan 03/11/16
MGMT 459 Org. Behavior: Theory & Application Dr. Issam Ghazzawi 03/16/18
MGMT 496 Seminar in Management Dr. Susan H. MacDonald  05/29/18
MUS 100 Music History and Appreciation Dr. Anita M. Hanawalt 05/31/18
MUS 358 Music of the United States Dr. Anita M. Hanawalt 05/31/18
NASC 102 Phys. Science – The Human Envmt Chris Morgan 03/22/18
PHIL 110 Introduction to Philosophy Dr. Dan Campana 05/21/14
PSY 101 Principles of Psychology Dr. Arthur Gonchar 05/30/18
PSY 407 Life-Span Development Dr. Rebecca Newman-Gonchar 05/29/17
SOC 250 Introduction to Sociology Dr. Nicholas Athey 01/08/18
SOC 322 Introduction to Criminology Dr. Nicholas Athey 04/03/18
SOC 326 The Criminal Justice System Stacey M. Haug 08/28/15
SOC 329 Corrections Stacey M. Haug 08/28/15
SOC 334 Women’s Experience in the U.S. Dr. Anita M. Hanawalt 05/31/18
SOC 350 Law and Society Stacey M. Haug 08/28/15
SOC 375 Drugs & Society Dr. Nicholas Athey 05/30/18
SPCM 210 Interpersonal Communication Dr. Jeanne Flora 05/29/18
WRT 110 College Writing A Kirsten Ogden 09/21/18
WRT 303 Poetry Writing Dr. Genevieve Kaplan 06/01/18

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