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Farewell to a Great Semester

May 18, 2017 by Brooke Grasso

As the year comes to a close, it is a bittersweet feeling. I had a great semester, but am looking forward to the opportunities I have this summer and in the fall. Although I am leaving behind my position as editor-in-chief of The Campus Times, I am moving into the position of editor for La Verne Magazine and Student Ambassador Manager for the Office of Undergraduate Admission. For the summer, I have filled up my schedule with work and possible internships. Although it won’t feel like summer break, I am confident in the experience I will be getting that will hopefully help me after graduation. I am going to continue working as a tour guide over the summer, and I also got a job as a PR writer. On top of those two jobs I am hoping to land an internship that I am going in for an interview soon. Overall, I will be working 5-6 days a week, but I think the experience and opportunities these positions present is well worth it.

Admission ambassadors and counselors at our end of the year celebration

The saddest part about the end of the year is saying goodbye to those graduating seniors, and even imagining myself in their shoes next year. I can’t believe three years have already flown by. I am very excited for this stressful semester to be behind me and to start all over again for senior year! This is also the last blog I will be writing for you all. I hope that my study abroad and spring semester experiences have shown you a little bit of what La Verne life is like. I have truly found my place at La Verne, and I hope that if you are looking for your place, you find it the way I was able to. With that, it is time for me to study for finals and prepare for my potluck tomorrow. I wish you all good luck studying for finals and a happy summer! Brooke Grasso

It’s the Final Countdown!

May 10, 2017 by Krista Perrin

Hello my lovely readers! Finals week is once again making its way over, so I thought I would share some tips and tricks on how to get through it without feeling like you've lost your soul by the end of it.


  1.  Check your finals week schedule as soon as you can. Some classes have their finals at different times, so it's important to make sure you know exactly when your final exams for each class are scheduled for. You can look up your final exam schedule here.
  2. Plan your week out early. Sometimes things pile up, or something unexpected happens, so try your best to prepare for it. If your schedule looks hectic, you're going to feel hectic—so try to make everything fit in a way that works for you or doesn't overwhelm you. I've had to create a sleep schedule in the past just to make sure I was well-equipped for the busy day ahead. Don't forget to schedule in time for yourself as well if you can.
  3. Eat well. Or Try your best to. I know it's hard enough trying to eat well during the semester, but finals can be especially daunting if you don't have enough energy. Try not to snack on junk food too much; focus on eating foods that will help give you the most energy. Fruits are a better alternative to candy bars.
  4. At the end of the day, try not to worry too much. As long as you study hard and do the work, that's all you really can do. So don't worry too much about whether or not you'll do well; just know that you'll try your best and you'll be golden.
Alrighty folks, here's your question of the week: What's the best study tip you've ever gotten? Feel free to share them in the comment section to help your fellow readers out. I'll see you all next week! (:

Working a college fair

May 4, 2017 by Brooke Grasso

If I haven't told you yet, I love my job. As a student ambassador in the Office of Undergraduate Admission I give tours, answer phone calls and go to college fairs. While I enjoy every part, I especially like going to fairs where I can talk to students and families about my experience at La Verne. I'm always asked, "Why did you choose La Verne?" and I always tell the same story. In high school I didn't get involved in anything. I knew going into college that I needed a place where I could put myself out there and be comfortable getting involved. For me, that place was La Verne. And it all payed off. La Verne has given me so many opportunities to grow and expand my horizons. I never thought I'd be at college fairs talking to families or editing the student newspaper. My hope is that when I tell high schoolers about my experience, they see why La Verne's small size is so special.

The most recent fair I went to was setup like a dorm room, and we took Polaroids of students.

Without my job as an ambassador I am positive my experience would not have been the same. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to start my freshman year and hold it until I graduate. Here's to another great year!

Until next week,


We’ve been in school our whole lives… now it’s time to work.

May 4, 2017 by Kendra Craighead

If you've heard people say things like, "I studied biology in college, but now I work as a sales representative," it might have made you a little bit nervous about the major your studying or the job you're hoping on getting once you graduate. How many people go to college for art and come out as college admission counselors? How many journalism students end up working as english writing tutors, or mangers at Chase Bank? What was the point of college in the first place? I am a journalism and creative writing major, and I really don't want to end up working at Chipotle after I graduate, or end up as a marketing agent in my long-term career. I want to make a living based on what college taught me to do, in what I love doing. The first step to landing the job you want in the field you want is all about building your resume for what you want, and then editing it here and there for each individual position. As a senior, I was beginning to panic. I have one more semester to go and I would like to go straight into a job right out of college. But as I sent out my resume, stacked with experience that ULV gave me, all I seemed to be getting in return were rejection emails. Then I applied for a job with Inland Empire Magazine and got the email back asking when I could come in for an interview. As of right now I am up for interview number 2 and I couldn't be more nervous and excited. Even if I don't end up landing the job, ULV gave me the resume that got me noticed and gave me the confidence to perform well in my first interview. There is no better feeling than feeling qualified for a career that you've been studying for, for 4 years. Often times college students will sell themselves short, especially when a job asks for 5 - 7 years of experience. How am I supposed to have 7 years of experience when I have been in college for 4 years getting the degree that you also require!? So when you're applying for jobs, don't feel under qualified. Feel confident. This is the moment you've been working so hard to get. Make it count. The Inland Empire Magazine, regardless of how much it pays, is a great opportunity to work in my field and gain experience that also be added to my resume for future jobs that may come along. For now, I am just very excited. I am feeling blessed to have been given this opportunity and I am looking forward to what will happen. Don't let the stories of post-college life discourage you from applying and working hard to get the job YOU want for yourself and for your future.  

When All Else Fails, Take a Walk

May 4, 2017 by Krista Perrin

This semester has definitely been the busiest semester thus far, but I'm hopeful I'm going to make it through just fine. It's not always easy, and some weeks are harder than others...but when all else fails, I turn to spontaneity to give me the boost I need. Walks with friends are the perfect remedies to stress: you get in some exercise and fresh air, and you get to have fun with people you care about. I know I dedicated last week's post to my friends, but they really are a huge part of what keeps me sane in all the craziness life has been throwing at me lately.  

(My friends and I decided to take a walk to Kuns Park.)


(The result of us trying to take pictures using a phone phlex and timer...)


So friends, if you're reading this, thanks for being awesome. And to all my lovely readers out there, thanks for the support. I genuinely love writing for you all every week, and sharing a bit of my life here at La Verne.

Ready for your question of the week?

What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?

I'd love to know, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Now onto finals! I'll see you all next week with some study tips and tricks. (: