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Behavioral Sciences, BS

Information on this page is subject to change. Official program and course information is available in the University of La Verne Catalog.

The behavioral science major will no longer accept new majors for students that enter after the 2017-18 catalog.

This major provides an opportunity to study human behavior from the perspectives of anthropology, psychology, and sociology. Two emphasis areas are available to students majoring in Behavioral Science: General and Ethnic Studies.

Courses in the Behavioral Science Program integrate theory and application into a broad foundation of both scientific and humanistic knowledge about humans both as individuals and as members of society. All students complete an internship and an original empirical senior thesis as part of their major requirements. Emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking skills and the application of values to the content of the behavioral science curriculum. The knowledge and skills gained during the program are crucial to successful performance in graduate school and are also highly valued by a wide variety of potential employers who hire behavioral science majors directly after graduation.

Program Requirements

  • General Concentration: 48 semester hours
  • Ethnic Studies Concentration: 56 semester hours

Core Requirements: 32 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
ANTH 250 Issues in Anthropology or  
ANTH 320 Cultural Anthropology 4
PSY 101 Principles of Psychology 4
SOC 250 Introduction to Sociology 4
ANTH 305 / SOC 305 Quantitative Analysis 4
ANTH 390 / SOC 390 Research Methods 4
ANTH 497 / SOC 497 Internship 4
ANTH 499A / SOC 499A Senior Thesis A 4
ANTH 499B / SOC 499B Senior Thesis B 4

General Concentration: 16 semester hours

This concentration allows students to experience a broad range of behavioral science perspectives on human behavior.

Two of the following:

Code Course Title Units
ANTH 400 Anthropological Theory 4
PSY 400 History of Psychology 4
SOC 400 Sociological Theory 4

Electives: Eight upper-division semester hours

from PSY, SOC, and/or ANTH approved by the advisor.

Ethnic Studies Concentration: 24 semester hours

This concentration permits students to study the contemporary multiethnic society in the United States:

Code Course Title Units
ANTH 315 / SOC 315 Race and Ethnicity 4
SOC 330 Social Class and Inequality 4

Three of the following:

Code Course Title Units
ANTH 335 / SOC 335 Black Experience in the U.S. 4
ANTH 336 / SOC 336 Latino Experience 4
ANTH 337 / SOC 337 Asian American Experience 4
ANTH 328 / SOC 328 Native American Experience 4


A minimum of four semester hours of upper-division units in any course approved by the advisor.