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Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential

The University of La Verne Clear Induction Program is an online, individualized, job-embedded, two-year coaching program based on two academic terms per year, each term consisting of two units of individual coaching and two units of professional learning (a minimum of 20-30 hours of coaching per semester and 30 hours of professional learning per semester).

The program provides open enrollment in order to ensure that candidates can meet the Credentialing Commission requirement of being enrolled in a program within 120 calendar days of beginning an administrative posit. Coaching for any enrolled candidate will begin within 30 days. Each candidate will continuously work throughout the year with his/her coach to complete the requirements of the program. Each year of the program, the candidate will develop an Individualized Induction Plan based on district requirements, candidate’s growth needs, and the credential standards (CPSELs).

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Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Code Course Title Units
EDLD 585A, EDLD 585B, EDLD 585C, EDLD 585D Professional Learning 2, 2, 2, 2
EDLD 586A, EDLD 586B, EDLD 586C, EDLD 586D Executive Coaching 2, 2, 2, 2

In addition to the University requirements, the following are required:

  1. A valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.
  2. Employment in a full-time public or private school administrative position.
  3. Verification of having passed the CBEST.
  4. Statement of Purpose Essay.