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Creative Writing, BA

La Verne’s Writing Program teaches writing as a creative and an interactive intellectual pursuit in which students think of themselves as writers who are committed to the development of their craft and to the examination of their culture through intensive study of and production of compositions in multiple genres. Students in the writing program engage texts in discussion and reflect upon their roles as writers and thinkers in a diverse, global, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural world. Faculty in the program value a student-centered teaching environment that links writing theories with writing practices, and that encourages students to explore the connections between writing and other disciplines and activities.

The writing program offers the General Education Written Communication sequence, the Creative Writing Minor, and the Writing Certificate. Students wishing to major in creative writing may create their own major in consultation with the Writing Program Director. Students may also work on the staff of Prism Review, La Verne’s national literary journal. The ULV Writing Program is a member of the Associated Writing Programs.

Program Requirements

Total program semester hours: 44

Courses in the General Education Written Communication Area Requirement are designed to ensure that clear, informed writing is a cornerstone of lifelong learning. Additionally, the Writing Program intends to instill confidence in and appreciation of the tools of written communication. Based on entering placement scores and diagnostic writing samples, students are assigned to one of four levels of writing courses. Students are then expected to complete all assigned writing courses in sequence, earning at least a C-, enrolling in the appropriate course each semester until the requirement is completed. Course competency exams are available through the Humanities Office. Assistance in writing is available at the central campus through the Academic Success Center. The course sequence is as follows:

WRT 106 Writing Essentials (4)
WRT 109 Introduction to Expository Writing (4)
WRT 110 College Writing A (4)
WRT 111 College Writing B (4)

Core Requirements: 20 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
WRT 201 Introduction to Creative Writing 4
WRT 303 Poetry Writing 4
WRT 304 Fiction Writing 4
WRT 305 Literary Magazine Staff 2,2
WRT 390 Great Author Immersion 2
WRT 499 Senior Seminar in Writing 4

Elective Core

8 semester hours from the following:

Code Course Title Units
WRT 303 Poetry Writing (repeatable once as elective core) 4
WRT 304 Fiction Writing (repeatable once as elective core) 4
WRT 305 Literary Magazine Staff 2,2
WRT 307 Special Topics Writing & Literature 4
WRT 324 Literary Non-Fiction Writing 4

Electives (16 semester hours chosen from the following):

Code Course Title Units
WRT 307 Special Topics in Writing & Lit 4
WRT 309 Creative Writing Workshop 4
WRT 324 Literary Non-Fiction Writing 4
ENG 335 Los Angeles Fiction 4
ENG 354 American Literature II 4
ENG 385 Studies in Ethnic American Literature 4
ENG 430 Contemporary American Fiction 4
ENG 434 Studies in the American Novel 4
LIT 362 Contemporary Latin American Literature in Translation 4
LIT 375 Modern Asian Literature in Translation 4
SPAN 386 Chicano Literature II 4