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History, BA

The History and Political Science Department’s programs prepare students for careers in a number of fields, such as law, business, government, politics, journalism and broadcasting, administration, or research.

A variety of courses are offered to allow students to develop their own interests and attain their professional objectives.

Program Requirements

Total program semester hours: 40

Core Requirements: 28 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
HSTY 100 World Civilizations I, or  
HSTY 101 World Civilizations II, or  
HSTY 110 US History to 1877, or  
HSTY 111 US History 1877 to the present 4
HSTY 200 Issues in History 4
HSTY 310 The American Experience I, or  
HSTY 311 The American Experience II 4
HSTY 315 Introduction to Latino/a Histories, or  
HSTY 320 History of Latin America, or  
HSTY 350 Introduction to Public History 4
HIST 333 Early Modern Europe, or  
HIST 331 Modern Europe 4
HSTY 398 Approaches to History 4
HIST 499 Senior Project 4


A minimum of 12 semester hours of 400-level courses in the student’s area(s) of emphasis.

Concentration in Public History

Total program: 12 semester hours

In order for students to have a concentration in public history, the following courses must be completed.

Code Course Title Units
HSTY 350 Introduction to Public History 4
HSTY 351 Internship in Public History 4
HSTY 450 Topics in Public History 4