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Japanese Minor

The Japanese Program at the University of La Verne aims to familiarize students with the full spectrum of the cultural richness of the Japanese speaking world through intensive study of the language, literature and culture of Japan.

Program Requirements

Total semester hours: 20-24

Core Requirements

Students must take one of the following:

Code Course Title Units
JAPN 320 Advanced Japanese Grammar and Conversation I, or  
JAPN 321 Advanced Japanese Grammar and Conversation II 4

An additional four upper-division courses, or an additional five courses, three of which must be upper division, from among the following:

Code Course Title Units
ANTH 340 Language and Culture, or 4
ENG 270 The Foundation of Linguistics 4
JAPN 210 Intermediate Japanese I 4
JAPN 211 Intermediate Japanese II 4
JAPN 330 Second Language Teaching 4
LIT 374 Experiencing Japan: Its Culture and Its People 4
JAPN 399 Independent Study 1-4
JAPN 420 Commercial Japanese 4
LIT 375 Modern Asian Literature in Translation 4
REL 305 World Religions: East 4
HSTY 464 Modern China and Japan, or 4
PLSC 464 Modern China and Japan 4
ART 390 Art History Special Topics: Asian Art/Japanese Art 4

*ART 390 counts toward the minor only when the topic is Asian/Japanese Art.

Students must receive a C- or better for a course to be applied to the minor. No more than 8 semesters of approved coursework may be applied toward the minor. Study abroad through a La Verne-approved program can also count towards the minor’s lower division units.