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Journalism, BA

The journalism program prepares students for careers in the news media. By following the journalism emphasis or the photojournalism concentration, students prepare for positions in newspapers and magazines as reporters, photographers, columnists, and editorial writers, or for positions in public relations. The major includes the core requirements and one concentration.

Program Requirements

Journalism Concentration: 47-50 semester hours

Photojournalism Concentration: 47-50 semester hours

Core Requirements: 30 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
JOUR 100 News Reporting 4
JOUR 115 News Editing 2
PHOT 130 Documentary Photography 4
JOUR 315 Syntax and Grammar for the Professional Writer 4
JOUR 317 Graphic Production Processes and Design for Publications 4
JOUR 460 Law and the Mass Media 4
JOUR 467 Ethics of Mass Media- Printed and Electronic 4
JOUR 499 Senior Project 4

Journalism Concentration: 17-20 semester hours

Program Chairperson: George Keeler
Code Course Title Units
JOUR 220 Newspaper Production – 2 semesters 2,2
JOUR 300 Advanced News Reporting 4
JOUR 313 Feature Writing 2
JOUR 325 Magazine Production – 2 semesters 2,2
JOUR 497 Internship 1-4
PHOT 327 Staff Photography 2

Photojournalism Concentration: 17-20 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
PHOT 220 Image Processing 4
PHOT 321 Portrait Photography 2
PHOT 322 Digital Photo Retouching 2
PHOT 327 Staff Photography 2, 2
PHOT 354 Social Documentary 4
PHOT 497 Internship 1-4

Recommended Elective Courses

Code Course Title Units
PHOT 356 Digital Portfolio 4
PHOT 360 Studio Lighting 4

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