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Photography Minor

Information on this page is subject to change. Official program and course information is available in the University of La Verne Catalog.

Using the photographic craft in the expression of human experience and observation, students learn to make, employ and critique photographs. Examining the social consequences of photography, students learn to address the effects of and recognize opportunities afforded by disruptive technologies in culture. Students may choose the Photography Major, the Art Major with a Concentration in Photography (described with the Art and Art History Department), the Journalism Major with a concentration in Photojournalism (described with the Communications Department), or the Photography Minor.

Program Requirements

Total semester hours: 26. At least 16 semester hours must be upper division.

Core Requirements: 18 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
PHOT 100 How Do I Look Better? 4
PHOT 130 Documentary Photography 4
PHOT 305 Magic Box Revolutions 4
PHOT 220 Image Processing 4
PHOT 327 Staff Photography 2


A minimum of 8 semester hours from at least two different courses (PHOT 321 and PHOT 322 together count as one course)

Code Course Title Units
PHOT 110 Elementary Photography 4
PHOT 321 Portrait Photography, and  
PHOT 322 Digital Photo Retouching (2,2)
PHOT 315 Alternative Photographic Processes 4
PHOT 351 Landscape Photography 4
PHOT 354 Social Documentary 4
PHOT 356 Digital Portfolio 4
PHOT 360 Studio Lighting 4
PHOT 365 The Female Frame 4
PHOT 360 Studio Lighting 4
PHOT 421 Events and Weddings 4
PHOT 422 Architectural Photography 4
PHOT 450 Special Projects in Photography 4