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Public Administration, BS

The bachelor’s degree in Public Administration is an academic and professional degree program offering basic coursework in the theory, applications, and practice of public sector management. Experience in applying these skills will be gained through class participation, special projects, and research reports.

Program Requirements

Total program semester hours: 40 minimum

Core Requirements: 28 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
MGMT 388 Statistics 4
PADM 313 Urban Environments 4
PADM 332 Public Administration 4
PADM 436 Policy Making Process 4
PADM 469 Management of Change and Conflict 4
PADM 470 Administrative Processes 4
PADM 499 Senior Seminar 4

Electives: 12 semester hours

Students may take any combination of three additional courses from either of the elective areas below to meet their 40 semester hours in the major.

Code Course Title Units
PADM 314 Local Government Management 4
PADM 320 Federalism and the Administrative State 4
PLSC 330 Labor/Management Negotiation in the Public Sector 4
BUS 343 Business Ethics 4
PADM 439 Organizational Behavior: Theory and Application, or  
MGMT 459 Organizational Behavior: Theory and Application 4
MGMT 354 Oral Communication in Organization 4
BUS 346 Written Business Communication 4
BUS 410 Management Information Systems 4