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Theatre Arts, BA

The Theatre Arts Department views theatre as an integrative discipline that embraces many fields of endeavor. Its goal is to create a learning community that empowers students to become highly skilled, self-motivated, socially aware theatre artists and engaged citizens. Theatre Arts is a rigorous academic program that provides a strong foundation in world theatre history, dramatic literature, theory, and criticism, as well as an active production program of plays for public presentation that includes theatre arts majors and minors as well as non-major participants. The program encourages students to develop an emphasis in a special area of theatre study, such as performance, directing, design, or playwriting through electives approved by advisor.

Program Requirements

Core Requirements: A minimum of 42 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
THAR 110 Acting for Anyone, or  
THAR 113 Theatre, Acting, & Performance, or  
THAR 210 Acting Studio, or  
THAR 212 Acting for the Camera 2 or 4
THAR 120 Introduction to Stagecraft 2
THAR 321 Production Experience (3 semesters) 1,1,1
THAR 233 Introduction to Design for Stage and Studio 4
THAR 251 Introduction to Theatrical Directing or  
THAR 351 Directing Studio I 4
THAR 255 Theatre and Stage Management 2
THAR 270 Theatre Seminar (2 semesters) 1,1
THAR 370 Theatre and Community 4
THAR 480 Cultural Hist. of World Theatre I 4
THAR 481 Cultural Hist. of World Theatre II 4
THAR 499 Senior Project 1-4
  Plus two dramatic literature classes from the following:  
THAR 300 Drama on Page and Stage, or  
THAR 440 American Stage: Mirror of Society, or  
THAR 443 Twentieth-Century Drama 4
THAR 445 Masters of the Drama 4
THAR 449 Shakespeare 4

Electives as approved by advisor include the options listed above as well as:

THAR 100 Introduction to Theatre  
THAR 111 Voice for Actors  
THAR 113 Theatre, Acting, and Performance  
THAR 115 Contemporary Dance  
THAR 202 Performance Art & Experimental Theatre  
THAR 215 Rehearsal and Performance  
THAR 220 Stagecraft II  
THAR 232 Lighting Design I  
THAR 234 Costume Design I  
THAR 299 Independent Study  
THAR 310 Advanced Acting Studio  
THAR 311 Oral Communication  
THAR 314 Conscious Acting  
THAR 315 Performance Interterm  
THAR 317 Musical Theatre  
THAR 320 Stagecraft III  
THAR 332 Lighting Design II  
THAR 333 Stage Design Studio  
THAR 334 Costume Design II  
THAR 377 Theatre & Drama Instruction for Teachers  
THAR 399 Independent Study  
THAR 410 Conscious Acting: The Power of Story  
THAR 451 Directing Studio II  
THAR 460 Playwriting and Screenwriting II  
THAR 498 Theatre Internship  
THAR 499 Senior Project