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Greek Terminology

Greek organizations use phrases and words to describe various aspects of Greek life. Below is a sample of the terminology with definitions, used by members of Greek Organizations

Membership Terms

Active Member A fully initiated member of a fraternity/sorority with full chapter privileges and responsibilities.
Alumni Member A graduated Greek member from the University of La Verne, or other campus.
New Member (informal: pledge) A student who has accepted a bid from a fraternity/sorority. After a period of education, new members may be initiated. This period is referred to as pledging, associate or new membership education depending on the fraternity/sorority.
Potential member A person interested in becoming a member of a fraternity/sorority.

Rush Terms

Bid Official invitation to join a fraternity/sorority.
Chapter Local group which represents a segment of a local or national organization.
Faculty Advisor A full-time University faculty member that assists the organization with issues related to the university.
Initiation The tradition ritual that brings a new member into active membership of a fraternity or sorority.
Legacy A potential new member whose family member is already a member of that fraternity/sorority.
National Fraternity/Sorority with chapters located at various Colleges/Universities across the nation.
Recruitment/Rush The period at the beginning of the semester during which fraternity and sorority members meet potential new members and acquire new members through the Bid process.
Ritual The traditional beliefs of a fraternity or sorority.
Sigma Rho Chi Sorority Recruitment Counselors who are available to answer questions a potential member may have about recruitment. These women have temporarily disaffiliated from her chapter to provide objective advice and support to potential new members.

Organization Terms

Big Brother/Sister An active member chosen to assist and advise a new member.
Brother A term used by initiated members of a fraternity when referring to one another.
College Panhellenic Association
The representative body governing sororities at the University of La Verne.
Exchange A closed social gathering between one or more fraternities or sororities.
Fraternity A Greek organization for men.
Greek Advisor A full-time University of La Verne staff member who oversees all the programs included within Greek life.
Greek Week A friendly competition each spring between recognized Greek organization at ULV. Past events have included: Fundraising Penny War, Greek Olympics, Letters Display, Greek Jeopardy and Lip Sync competition.
Interfraternity Council
The representative body governing fraternities at the University of La Verne.
National Pan-Hellenic Council The campus coordinating body of historically African-American fraternities and sororities.
Order of Omega The national Greek leadership honor organization.
Pin The active pin or badge, worn on the chest designating an active member of a fraternity/sorority.
Philanthropy Community service programs or events sponsored by Greek organizations.
Sister A term used by initiated members of a sorority when referring to one another.
Sorority A Greek organization for women.