2022-2023 Residence Hall Charges/Room and Board

Room Rates

Main Campus Undergraduate Students, Per Semester

Room, Oaks Hall, triple occupancy $3,105
Room, Oaks Hall, double/quad occupancy $3,820
Room, Oaks Hall, single occupancy $4,345
Room, Oaks Hall, Super Single  $4,880
Room, Vista La Verne, double occupancy $4,330
Room, Vista La Verne, single occupancy $4,945
Room, Citrus Hall, triple occupancy $3,575
Room, Citrus Hall, double/quad occupancy $4,180
Room, Citrus Hall, single occupancy $4,705
Summer Room Rate, single $2,385
Summer Room Rate, double $1,890

Physician Assistant Program Students, Per Trimester

Room, Oaks Hall, double occupancy – Trimester $3,165
Room, Oaks Hall ,  Single occupancy – Trimester  $3,700

Board Rates

Residential Undergraduate Students and College of Law, Per Semester

Commuter Students can also purchase a commuter meal plan.  For more information on commuter plans and dining services:  https://laverne.edu/housing/resident-information/dining-services/

8 meals per week + $200 Leo Dollars (only available to Commuter students and Seniors, Graduate students and CAPA students in the Residence Halls) $2,500
10 meals per week + $200 Leo Dollars $2,865
14 meals per week + $100 Leo Dollars $3,120
19 meals per week + $25 Leo Dollars $3,410
500 Leo Dollars Block Plan $500
100 Meal Block Plan (Commuter Students Only) $2,765
150 Meal Block Plan + $100 Leo Dollars $3,135

Additional Housing Fees

New and Continuing Housing Application Fee $50
New and Continuing Resident Activity Fee $50
Early Move-In/Late Stay Fee $50
Mid-Year Application Fee $50
Mid-Year Activity Fee $50
Replacement Residence Hall Access Card $25
Replacement Lock Charge $125
Summer Activity Fee $25

Refunds for the residence halls will be made according to the terms and conditions outlined on the Residence Hall License Agreement. The amount of refund will be determined by the Housing Office. Board refunds during the Fall, Winter and Spring terms/semesters will be calculated on a prorated basis. There will be no refunds for January Interterm.

  1. Block Plans: The 100 and 150 Block Plans designate the number of meals a student has available to use during a semester/term, and they expire at the end of that semester/term. The meals can be used or shared at the student’s discretion.
  2. Leo Dollars: Included with the purchase of a meal plan or may be purchased on their own (i.e. $500 Leo Dollar Plan).  Leo Dollars function like a debit card and are subtracted after every purchase; the balance rolls over from semester to semester (term to term) but expires at the end of the academic year.