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Presentation highlights La Verne’s past

Presentation highlights La Verne’s past
Professor and Librarian Emeritus Marlin Heckman gives a detailed timeline of how Lordsburg Hotel transitioned to University of La Verne at “The Lordsburg Hotel: Its Rise and Demise,” a presentation sponsored by the La Verne Historical Society. Old photographs of the hotel from the 1800s, newspaper clippings, and Heckman’s book, “Lordsburg and La Verne,” were on display for guests to look... 

Book Review: Pugilist presidents will knock you out

<i>Book Review</i>: Pugilist presidents will knock you out
Michael Saakyan Book Editor Have you ever wondered what it would be like to battle one-on-one with the most powerful men in history? Punch Richard Nixon in that long Tricky Dicky nose or kick slavery loving Franklin Pierce in that pretty boy face of his. If your answer is yes then’s Daniel O’Brien has the right book in mind for you. “How to Fight Presidents: Defending Yourself Against... 

Composer Britten commemorated for bravery

Alana Glenn Staff Writer The President’s Dining Room reached its capacity last Thursday as students, faculty and members of the community gathered for the International Studies Institute’s Hot Spot lecture series, “The Exile of Benjamin Britten.” The lecture centered on the life and legacy of British composer Benjamin Britten, who was exiled from home due to his conscientious objection to war. Britten... 
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