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Academic Calendar Realignment

Beginning with the 2021-22 academic year, the University of La Verne will make important changes to its academic calendar.

As part of the academic calendar realignment, the current 16-week semester and 10-week term calendar will be permanently replaced with a 17-week semester (fall and spring) with two 8-week sessions embedded. Each 17-week semester, including fall, will contain a one-week break in academic instruction, scheduled to fall between the two 8-week sessions.

The current 10-week summer session will move to an 8-week summer session (with two 4-week mini-sessions akin to the January intersession).

How does this impact me?

The changes will have minimal impact on students in programs that are on the traditional semester calendar, which include:

  • traditional undergraduates on the La Verne campus
  • graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences and LaFetra College of Education on the La Verne campus
  • students in the College of Law

However, the new calendar includes important changes for students who have been on the 10-week calendar, which include:

  • adult learners in bachelor’s and graduate programs at regional campuses
  • adult learners in fully online programs
  • graduate students in College of Business and Public management programs

Students in the Campus Accelerated Program for Adults (CAPA) at the La Verne Campus will see minor changes. Those include a shift from two 8-week cycles to two standardized 8-week sessions for each of the fall and spring terms.

What are the benefits?

The academic calendar realignment will give all students greater flexibility to enroll in classes across campuses and delivery modes, and in some programs gives adult learners and graduate students an additional period of enrollment during the academic year to accelerate their time to degree.

Where can I learn more?

Check your email over the coming weeks for additional details. Please also visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or talk to your advisor about your academic plan and schedule.