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Business Partnerships

Business andCommunity Partners

The University of La Verne is proud to partner with more than 100  businesses and municipalities throughout the United States. Each relationship is tailored to suit the needs of employers and employees and provide distinct, relevant education on your terms.

Partnering with the University of La Verne

La Verne commits to providing comprehensive and effective program delivery with its partners. Administration is handled by the university; from degree information to instruction to billing, no additional workload is added to your staff.

And that’s just one benefit among many. Each program is designed to promote employee skills, satisfaction, and retention using real-world situations to help develop realistic solutions for your organization. The result is a staff better equipped to meet your needs – a staff with a competitive edge.

Flexible. Affordable.

The university offers a  number of degrees, at partnership award rates with the option to take classes on-ground, onsite or  online. Your staff can receive a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in classrooms as close as your conference table or online. All courses run on accelerated eight-week sessions designed for working professionals.

Interested in taking your business or organization to the next level? Learn more today.