Posting Policy

Flyers/posters will be posted by the Abraham Campus Center (ACC) Monday through Friday of each week. Dates and times may vary so please contact the Abraham Campus Center at (909) 448-4700 to confirm posting dates and times.

School Year Posting Services

This service provided by the Campus Center is an effort to maintain our current facilities at the highest standard and ensure only approved materials be posted on campus.

All publicity appearing on bulletin boards must be stamped and approved by ACC. Postings will be approved for a maximum of two (2) weeks. Extensions may be granted for official university business only. Publicity items will be posted on bulletin boards managed by the Abraham Campus Center.

Materials will be taken down by the Abraham Campus Center almost immediately after the advertised event has occurred. We cannot guarantee that your posters and flyers remain up during the entire two-week time frame due to exterior and weather challenges and students, staff, and community removing documents without our permission. We strive to maintain an efficient posting system to help you market your events. Please contact us if you are experiencing any concerns or difficulties.

Due to the sometimes overwhelming amount of flyers ACC receives, posting times and dates are limited. Please plan ahead and submit your flyers in a timely manner. At least one week prior to your ideal posting date will allow our staff to approve, stamp and post.

There are currently 13 bulletin boards across campus and 33 bulletin boards in the residence halls. To save paper and time, please submit only a maximum of 47 posters or flyers. Of course, you are welcome to submit less and we will post them in the most populated areas.

Postings in each of the Campus Residence Halls must also be approved by the Housing and Residential Life prior to posting. Information regarding the use of these boards may be obtained from the Housing and Residential Life office located in the Oaks B-Bottom.

Posting Regulations

  1. Posters are to be no larger than 11” x 17”
  2. Postings must include sponsoring group or individual name and contact information (phone number, email address and/or postal address)
  3. Postings must include event date, time and location. When applicable, cost/price or donation must be stated.
  4. Two (2) week maximum posting time unless otherwise approved.
  5. Approval stamp on each flyer/poster. (Provided by the Abraham Campus Center Information and Services)
  6. Postings are only permitted on designated Abraham Campus Center bulletin boards. (Some bulletin boards on campus are for certain departmental materials only-these are not Abraham Campus Center bulletin boards)
  7. Only one flyer/poster per board is permitted regardless of board size.
  8. Only thumbtacks will be used (no staples or tape) to post on bulletin boards.
  9. Posting over or removing material will not be allowed.

The Abraham Campus Center will NOT accept/approve materials publicizing alcohol, lewd, or questionable events, items, etc. Approval of materials is per the discretion of the Abraham Campus Center.

Posting is not permitted in the areas other than designated Abraham Campus Center Bulletin Boards. Any postings on walls, windows, trees, light posts, cars, etc are not appropriate posting places.

Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for guidance on what is acceptable content on posters and other marketing materials.

Any sponsoring organization that violates these policies will have any posted material removed and is thereby open to the application of sanctions:

  • Exclusion from use of University publicity outlets
  • Denial of University facilities and equipment
  • Denial of University club recognition

For questions, or more information about posting at the University of La Verne, contact the Abraham Campus Center front desk at (909) 448-4700.