Group Tutoring Services

The Academic Success Center facilitates group tutoring for students who want to work together to better understand the materials and concepts in a specific course.

To find out more or to schedule a group tutoring stop by the ASC or call (909) 448-4342.

A group session request form can be submitted here.  Please submit the request at least 7 days prior to the desired session.

Frequently Asked Questions about Group Tutoring

Who can participate in group tutoring sessions?

Anyone who is currently enrolled in classes at the university can participate in group tutoring.  Most group tutoring sessions are intended for a specific section/instructor of a specific course.

We also allow students to create group tutoring sessions. We ask for as much advance notice as possible when requesting the groups.

How long do sessions last?

Group tutoring sessions are typically arranged to last one hour, though in certain cases (e.g. midterm or finals review) two (2) hour sessions may be set up.

Where do group sessions take place?

Most group tutoring sessions take place in Campus Center 224 and 225, though occasionally other rooms on campus will be reserved to accommodate larger group sessions. It is best to check with the ASC front desk if you’re unsure of the location of a group tutoring session you plan to attend.

Who runs group tutoring sessions?

Group sessions are run by a tutor who is approved to help with that class, which means they have a minimum 3.25 GPA, an A- or better in the course, plus a faculty recommendation.

How do I know if/when a group tutoring session will be held for a certain class?

Group tutoring events are typically announced in the classes that are targeted for the event through an in-class announcement and/or via email to the class members’ email addresses.

If you are not sure when or if a session in being held you can always contact our front desk at (909) 448-4342.

What should I bring to group sessions?

Bring class notes, assignments, textbooks and the specific questions you may have.  In order to get the most from your tutoring session, write down your questions beforehand; be as specific as possible. Tutors will not have pre-made questions or practice for you to work on.  Tutors are not expected to lecture or re-teach the material; instead, they serve as guides and content experts to help the group work collaboratively to reach deeper individual understandings of the materials/concepts.