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Course Catalog Archive

PDF versions of University of La Verne course catalogs and addendums are available for all years from 2000 the present. To access the digital version of the current Course Catalog, click here.

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Year Catalog Addendums    
2022-23 Download      
2021-22 Download Addendum I Addendum II Physician Assistant Accreditation
2020-21 Download Addendum I    
2019-20 Download Addendum I    
2018-19 Download Addendum I    
2017-18 Download Addendum I Addendum II  
2016-17 Download Addendum I    
2015-16  Download  Addendum I  Addendum II  
2014-15  Download       
2013-14  Download       
2012-13  Download       
2011-12  Download       
2010-11  Download       
2009-10  Download       
2008-09  Download       
2007-08  Download       
2005-06  Download       
2004-05  Download       
2003-04  Download       
2002-03  Download       
2001-02  Download       
2000-01 Download       
1999-2000  Download