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Admissions Operations Office

Phone: (909) 448-4444

Loreto D'Monte
Senior Research and Data Analyst
(909) 448-4983
Connie Hamlow
Admission Operations Specialist
(909) 448-4519
Jennifer Ives
Technology Specialist, Admission Operations
(909) 448-4329
Madeleine Lacy
Admission Operations Specialist
(909) 448-4104
Genti Lagji
Associate Director of Admissions Operations for Enrollment Data Systems
(909) 448-4155
Deborah Marquez
Admission Operations Specialist
(909) 448-4023
Pamela Milligan
Senior Admissions Operations Specialist
(909) 448-4929
Jonathan Moreno
Admissions Operations Specialist
(909) 448-4363
Daniel Zhuang
Admissions Operations Specialist