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Registrar's Office

Phone: (909) 448-4001


Jasin Bovi
Coordinator, Academic Schedules & Classrooms
(909) 448-4010
Adam Evans
Ex Dir, Inst. Assessment & Strat Initiatives
(909) 448-4498
Kristina Herrera
Registration Specialist for PDC Programs
(909) 448-4014
Patricia Limon
Academic Records Analyst
Filiberto Marin
Assistant Registrar, Evaluations
(909) 448-4479
Carrie O'Connor
Associate Registrar, Curriculum and Systems
(909) 448-4436
Julia Smith
Articulation Analyst, ADT, Transfer and Special Programs
(909) 448-4524
Marcela Valle
Articulation Analyst, Catalog and Policy Development
Yesenia Vega
Manager of Technology Services - Registrar and Student Accounts Support Services