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Dr. Giacomo Laffranchini Ph.D.

Dr. Giacomo Laffranchini Ph.D.

Main: (909) 448-1589
La Verne / Leo Hall 206B

Dr. Giacomo Laffranchini is a Professor of Management. He received his Ph.D. in International Business from The University of Texas at El Paso. His research interest involve family firms management, family firms strategy and Turnaround response to performance decline in family firms.


Journal Publications

  • Wagstaff, M. F., Gore E., Laffranchini G., Garcia M.L. & Ruiz M., (2022) “Perceptions of transfer of training: Interaction of a continuous learning culture with network diversity, network strength, and network size” Human Resource Development International [2020 CiteScore Scopus: 2.5].
  • Laffranchini G., Hadjimarcou J. & Kim S., (2022) “The first turnaround response of Family firms in a crisis situation” Journal of Family Business Strategy. 13(1), pp. 100434. [Impact Factor: 3.927]
  • Kim, S., Laffranchini G., Wagstaff, M. F., (2021) “Does humane orientation matter? A cross-cultural study of job characteristics needs-supplies fit/misfit and affective organizational commitment” Cross Cultural & Strategic Management. 28(3), pp. 600-625. [ISI impact factor: 1.838]
  • Laffranchini G., Hadjimarcou J. & Kim S., (2020) “The Impact of Socioemotional Wealth on Decline-Stemming Strategies in Family Firms” Entrepreneurship Theory & Practices. 44(2), pp. 185-210. [Impact Factor: 10.750]
  • Kim, S., Laffranchini, G., & Jeung, W., (2018). “Moderating effect of subordinates’ overall justice and supervisors’ affective organizational commitment” Journal of Management Development. 37(7), pp.526-536.
  • Laffranchini G., Kim, S., & Posthuma R.A., (2018). “A Meta-Cultural Approach to Predict Self-Employment across the Globe” International Business Review. 27(2018), pp. 481-500. [Impact factor: 2.476]
  • Kim, S., Laffranchini, G., Wagstaff, M. F. & Jeung, W., (2017). “Psychological contract congruence, distributive justice, and commitment.” Journal of Managerial Psychology. 32(1), pp. 45-60. [Impact Factor: 0.807]
  • Laffranchini G., Hadjimarcou J., Kim, S., & Braun M.R., (2016). “Internationalization of small family-owned business: A signal detection approach” Journal of Family Business Management. 6(3), pp. 291-309.
  • Laffranchini G. & Braun M., (2014). “Slack in family firms: Evidence from Italy (2006-2010)”. Journal of Family Business Management. 4(2), pp. 171-193.

Books/Book Chapters

  • Laffranchini, G. & Hoy., F. Managing Family Business. In Oxford Bibliographies in Management. Ricky Griffin (Ed. 2021). New York: Oxford University Press
  • Laffranchini G., Hoy. F., (2020) “The evolution of case study methodology in the study of family enterprises” Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods for Family Business. Alfredo De Massis & Nadine Kammerlander (Eds.). Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Hoy, F. & Laffranchini, G., (2014). Managing Family Business. In Oxford Bibliographies in Management. Ricky Griffin (Ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

Additional Information

Teaching Areas

  • Strategic management
  • International business
  • Research methods

Research Interests

  • Family business
  • Turnaround response to performance decline
  • International Management

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