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Yesim Keskin

Yesim Keskin

Assistant Professor, Psychology & Fieldwork Coordinator

Main: (909) 448-1485
Hoover Building / La Verne 212

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Fieldwork Coordinator of the MFT Master’s Program. Received her PhD in Human Development with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Virginia Tech in 2017 with Graduate Certificates in Future Professoriate and Educational Research, and received her MA in Clinical Psychology from Istanbul Bilgi University. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Texas Tech University, Marriage and Family Therapy Program as a Visiting Assistant Professor where she taught graduate level family therapy courses and supervised the clinical practice of the MFT Masters students. Her research interests include common factors and mechanisms of effective marriage and family therapy practice, promoting diversity and inclusion in clinical training and supervision, experiential learning, and self-of-the-therapist work. Dr. Keskin is AAMFT Approved Clinical Supervisor and EuroPSY Registered Psychologist (Clinical & Health).

As the Fieldwork Coordinator, Dr. Keskin is responsible for managing the MFT Fieldwork including overseeing the eligibility of the applied agencies to be an approved fieldwork/practicum site, keeping the approved sites up to date, helping the students with their placements, teaching Fieldwork classes, and monitoring the student progress. The agencies interested in becoming an approved fieldwork/practicum site are expected to contact Dr. Keskin.

Dr. Keskin’s scholarly work can be found at Google Scholar and ResearchGate.

Educational Background

Degrees Awarded

  • PhD, 2017: Human Development, specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. Graduate Certificates: Future Professoriate (2017), Educational Research (2014)
  • MA, 2012: Clinical Psychology, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • BA, 2008: Psychology, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Clinical Licensures and Certifications

  • AAMFT Approved Supervisor, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Issue Date 10/25/2017. Expiration Date 10/25/2021. AAMFT Membership ID: 156053
  • Registered EuroPSY Psychologist (Clinical & Health), European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA). Issue Date 12/9/2014. Expiration Date 12/9/2021. Registration Number: TR-008476-201412

Teaching Related Certifications

  • Future Professoriate Graduate Certificate, Virginia Tech
  • Educational Research Graduate Certificate, Virginia Tech
  • Mastery Certificates in Online, Hybrid, & Technology Enhanced Classroom Teaching, The Office of Technology Enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS), Virginia Tech.
  • Graduate Education Development Institute (GEDI) Certificate, Virginia Tech


Edited Book/Journal Special Issue

  • Keskin, Y. (Ed.) (2009). Uluslararasi Lacan Ozel Sayisi [International Lacan Issue] (2nd Edition: 2018). Istanbul, Turkey: Monokl.

Journal Articles

  • Keskin, Y. & Piercy, P. F. (2018). Motivational Interviewing as a Framework for Common Factors Approach in Psychotherapy. Turkey Journal of Integrative Psychotherapy,1 (2), 46-73.  
  • Keskin, Y. (2018). Psychotherapy as an Organism and Open System: A Conceptual Framework based on Hegel’s Organism and von Bertalanffy’s Open Systems. ETHOS: Dialogues in Philosophy and Social Sciences, 11 (2), 142-155.
  • Keskin, Y. (2017). The Relational Ethics Genogram: An Integration of Genogram and Relational Ethics. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 28(1), 92-98.
  • Piercy, F. P., Earl, R. M., Aldrich, R. K., Nguyen, H. N., Steelman, S. M., Haugen, E., Riger, D.,Tsokodayi, R. T., West, J., Keskin, Y., Gary, E. (2016). Most and Least Meaningful Learning Experiences in Marriage and Family Therapy Education. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy42(4), 584–598.
  • Nguyen, H. N., Kianpour, S., Keskin, Y., & Piercy, F. P. (2016). Painting all Muslims with a broad brush: The need for perspective, a larger frame, and a kinder heart. National Council on Family Relations Report: Cultural Sea Change and Families, 61(1), 20-24.
  • Keskin, Y. & Celebi, V. (2008). Türkiye’de Maurice Blanchot’yu Düşünmek: Yazarken Dünyanın En Çok Susan Adamı [Considering Maurice Blanchot in Turkey: The Most Silent Man while Writing]. Ozne Dergisi, 8, 10-15.
  • Keskin, Y. (2007). Ve Her Sey Kaybolur [And Everything Fades Away]. In Celebi, V. (Ed.), Monokl,  Uluslararasi Blanchot-Isik Ozel Sayisi (pp. 46-50). Istanbul, Turkey: Monokl.

Book Chapters, Editorials

  • Keskin, Y. (2016). Hegel ve Lacan’da Arzu Kavrami [The Concept of Desire in the Works of Hegel and Lacan]. In Er, S. E. (Ed.). Hegel Paris’te [Hegel in Paris]. Istanbul, Turkey: Otonom.
  • Keskin, Y. (2016). Outcome Research. In J. Carlson and S. Dermer (Eds.). The SAGE Encyclopedia of Marriage, Family, and Couples Counseling. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Keskin, Y. (2009). Editörden: Bilinç-dışından Konuşmanın Sanatı: Jacques Lacan ve DışınYakınlarında (Editor’den) [The Art of Talking from Unconscious: Jacques Lacan and Near the Outside (An Editorial)]. In Keskin, Y. (Ed.), Monokl, Uluslararasi Lacan Ozel Sayisi (pp. 1-8). Istanbul, Turkey: Monokl.
  • Keskin, Y. (2009). Öznenin Serüveni, BedeninTrajedisi: Ichspaltung [Adventure of the Subject, Tragedy of the Body: Ichspaltung]. In Keskin, Y. (Ed.), Monokl, Uluslararasi Lacan Ozel Sayisi (pp. 388-398). Istanbul, Turkey: Monokl.
  • Keskin, Y. (2008). Icine Ulasilan, Otede Birakilan Sato: Tanima Arzusu Baglaminda Hegel ve Lacan [The Castle, Arrived or Foreclosed: Hegel and Lacan regarding the Desire of Recognition]. In Celebi, V. (Ed.), Monokl, Uluslararasi Hegel Ozel Sayisi (pp. 340-355). Istanbul, Turkey: Monokl.


  • Keskin, Y. (2015, February). Reflecting on Students’ Use of Technological Devices in Classrooms: Is a Balance Possible? Conversation Session presented at the 8th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Blacksburg, VA, USA.
  • Keskin, Y. (2015, February). Motivational Interviewing Elements as Common Factors Across Marriage and Family Therapy Modalities. Paper presented at the 40th The Southeastern Symposium on Child and Family Development, Blacksburg, VA, USA.
  • Keskin, Y. (2014, March). Individual and Family Correlates of Self-Harm Among Individuals with Substance Use Disorder. Paper presented at the Thirtieth Graduate Research Symposium, Blacksburg, VA. * Awarded with Third Prize in Oral Presentation Category at the 30th GSA Research Symposium, Virginia Tech.
  • Benson, M., Keskin, Y. Scarpa-Friedman, A. (2014, November). Family Warmth, Self-Perception, Social Competence, and Peer Relations in Emerging Adulthood. Poster presented at 2014 NCFR Annual Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  • Keskin, Y. (2014, February). The Relationships Among Family Warmth, Social Competence And Peer Relations During Adolescence. Poster presented at 38th The Southeastern Symposium on Child and Family Development, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.
  • Keskin, Y., Erten, Y., & Kalyoncu, A. (2013, June). Separation-Individuation Process, Defense Mechanisms, Alexithymia and Family Dynamics among Substance Dependent Individuals. Poster presented at Tenth International Congress on Adolescent Health, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Kalyoncu, A., & Keskin, Y. (2013, June). What Does Tattoo Say About Heroin Dependence? Separation-Individuation Process and Family Dynamics Among Tattooed and Non-Tattooed Heroin Dependent Adolescents. Poster presented at Tenth International Congress on Adolescent Health, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Keskin, Y. (2007, June). Psikozu Anlamak: Laing, Minkowski ve Lacan [Understanding Psychosis: Laing, Minkowski and Lacan]. Paper presented at the Twelfth National Conference of Students of Psychology, Yakindogu University, North Cyprus, Turkey.

Additional Information


Assistant Professor, University of La Verne, Psychology Department

  • PSYC 580 Supervised Fieldwork I (Fall 2018, 2017)
  • PSYC 509 Psychological Testing (Summer, Spring 2018)
  • PSYC 581 Supervised Fieldwork II (Spring 2018)
  • PSYC 527 Professionalism, Ethics, and Law in Counseling (Fall 2017)

Visiting Instructor, Bogazici University, Psychology Department

  • PSY 363 Abnormal Psychology (Summer 2018)

Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas Tech, Department of Community, Family, & Addiction Sciences

  • MFT 6303 Couples & Sex Therapy (Spring 2017)
  • MFT 6395 Clinical Practicum in Marriage and Family Therapy (Spring 2017, Fall 2016)
  • MFT 5322 Family Systems Theory (Fall 2016)

Graduate Instructor, Virginia Tech, Department of Human Development

  • HD 1004 Child Development (Summer 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2015, Summer 2015, Spring 2015)
  • HD 2336 Principles of Human Services II (Spring 2016)
  • HD 4334 Addiction and Family (Fall 2015)

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Virginia Tech, Department of Human Development

  • HD1004 Child Development (Fall 2014)
  • HD 3014 Research Methods in Human Development (Fall 2014)
  • HD 2314 Human Sexuality (Spring 2014, Fall 2013)
  • HD4334 Perspectives in Addiction and Family Systems (Fall 2013)


  • Clinician/ Marriage and Family Therapy Doctoral Intern, The Family Therapy Clinic, Texas Tech, Lubbock, TX. 2016/9-2016/6
  • Clinician/ Marriage and Family Therapy Doctoral Intern, The Family Therapy Center, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. 2014/1-2015/5
  • Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Istanbul, Turkey. 2009/1-2013/7
  • Clinician/ Clinical Psychology Master’s Intern,  The Psychological Counseling Unit, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey. 2010/8-2011/8.
  • Staff Psychologist, Balikli Rum Hospital Psychiatry Clinics, Istanbul, Turkey. 2008/11-2012/7


  • Co-Chair of the Research Symposium, 32nd Annual Graduate Students Assembly (GSA) Graduate Research Symposium Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. 3/23/2016. 
  • Member of the Conference Organization Committee, The Civilization in the Age of Democracies, Istanbul, Turkey. 11/30/2012-12/3/2012. 
  • Co-Chair of the Organization Committee, International Lacan Colloquium, Istanbul, Turkey.  6/20/2009-6/7/2009. 
  • Member of the Conference Organization Committee, International Hegel Conference, Istanbul, Turkey. 11/14/2008-11/16/2008.