Ecosystem of Innovation Pathways

The Center will be at the forefront of developing student cohorts to address major global problems, promoting diversity and inclusion as a strong business tenant, and helping to identify and protect intellectual property of new technologies and ideas with our Innovation Pathways initiatives.

Expansion of General Education Targeting
Summer 2023–Fall 2023
We aim to design and implement a concept of study cohorts that focuses on major global problems. This experience will be available to sophomores, juniors and seniors. This will coincide with the implementation of Capstone projects in all majors.
Certificates to Non-Traditional Students Targeting
Summer 2023
We aim to develop a Social Justice/Diversity certificate with the ambition of exposing and promoting diversity and inclusion to students throughout their educational journey while also providing an opportunity to create pathways to leadership positions.
Support Commercialization Targeting
Fall 2025
Our goal is to develop an intellectual property pipeline by finding ideas and technologies as early as possible. A robust evaluation of the patent landscape will be conducted for each opportunity.