Ecosystem of Innovation Programs

In 2022 we offered a successful “Think and Grow Big: Business Academy,” which we will bring back in 2024. We also will offer an incubator program for African immigrant entrepreneurs to help them access capital for their business ideas, as well as redesign how we teach at the University of La Verne to help diverse learners retain more information and process a deeper level of understandings. See more about these programs below.

African Immigrant Entrepreneurship Incubator Targeting
Spring 2023
In this program, participants will come out with a lender-vetted business plan to help them manage and expand their access to capital. Small grants will be offered to support their endeavors.
Think and Grow Big: Business Academy 2022 (complete)
2024 (future)
Participants of Hispanic descent will have the opportunity to work with a network of experienced subject matter experts in core business topics, in addition to micro-sessions customized for each small business’ unique needs. Participants will join a network of over 800,000 Hispanic business owners throughout California and leave with the tools for success and be ready to thrive.
Teaching Innovation Targeting
Fall 2023
This program aims to redesign education to meet the needs of diverse learners with the goal of helping students retain more information and process at a deeper level of understanding. The goal is to prepare participants for a global, competitive workforce in the 21st century.