Student Development Co-Curriculum Programs

We believe learning happens just as much outside the classroom as it does inside. That’s why we are creating an entrepreneur speaker series, mentorship program, and business pitch competition for entrepreneurial-minded students as co-curricular programs outside of their academic experience. Learn more about these programs below.

Mentorship Program Targeting
Fall 2023
Our career mentoring program uses a cohort model to teach valuable academic skills, as well as lifelong and professional skills and tools. A mentoring connection plan guides students and mentors through their relationships and is focused on promoting well-being, exploring interests on campus, and developing diversity, equity and inclusion through resources and milestones.
Business Pitch Competition Targeting
Spring 2024
Students will learn the basics of turning a business idea into a developed startup in this business pitch competition. Students will participate in hands-on workshops and be paired with industry and faculty mentors to create a pitch deck and presentation for investors.
Entrepreneur Speaker Series Targeting
Spring 2024
Come hear from experienced entrepreneurs about their paths to success and challenges along the way. Build your network and learn from others with an entrepreneurial mindset what it takes to go from idea to business.

Students will moderate the conversation and directly engage with business leaders, alumni, and academics about entrepreneurship in different contexts.