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Student Employee Frequently Asked Questions

What employment forms do I need to complete to be hired?

If this is your first time being employed at the University of La Verne you will need to complete and submit the University of La Verne Student job offer form, employment application, the Federal I-9 form, the Federal W-4 form, and the State DE-4 form, and workers comp form to be eligible for hire.

If you are a new student employee and received a “Congratulations” of hire notice from our PeopleAdmin Applicant tracking system or are a New Approved Graduate Assistant, please download the forms from the Student Employee New Hire Forms page. Please return the required forms back to the Office of Human Resources no later than 2 weeks before your start date. Once your forms have been reviewed and approved, your supervisor will receive a “Hire Approved” notice along with a time sheet for your assignment. Please do not begin working until the new hire process has been completed.

All required forms on the Student Employee New Hire Forms will need to be turned in to the Office of Human Resources. The forms are also available in the Office of Human Resources.

When can I turn in my employment forms?

Students may begin to turn in their employment forms once you have received a “Congratulations” of hire notice from our PeopleAdmin Applicant tracking system or are selected as a New Approved Graduate Assistant .  If you are a returning Student employee and not sure if you need to do paperwork, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (909) 448-4076.  We will be able to verify for you.  The Office of Human Resources will accept paperwork unless Student has been verified as a selected candidate.

Where is Student Employment located?

Student Employment is located within the Office of Human Resources at Park Campus.  We are located just west of the off campus Shuttle Lot. 

How do I find a position on campus?

Student Employment has an online job board for you to review the available job positions. Positions are updated daily.  If you see a position you are interested in, apply as soon as possible.  Apply Here!

How do I qualify for a Federal Work Study position?

Eligible students are awarded FWS as part of their financial aid package, and must demonstrate financial “need” as determined by the Financial Aid Office using a federal “need analysis” process. All students who are interested in the FWS Program must follow these steps to be considered by the Federal Government and the Financial Aid Office for eligibility:

  • Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), making sure to note his/her interest in being considered for the FWS Program.
  • Submit all documents requested by the Financial Aid Office. Once all of the necessary documentation is received, a student’s award can be processed, and an award letter will be sent to the student.
  • If eligible for FWS, a student must come to the Student Employment Office located in the Financial Aid Office to turn in the required applications before the student can be hired into a FWS position.
  • Each student who qualifies for FWS funds is awarded an amount that he/she can earn. The Office of Financial Aid determines this amount, which can range from $600 to $2,800, depending on the student’s class level and eligibility.
  • To maintain eligibility for FWS, a student must be enrolled in at least 1 semester/term unit. Ineligibility becomes immediate upon cancellation of or withdrawal from the required amount of semester/term units.
  • Students will lose their eligibility for FWS if they fail to meet the requirements of Satisfactory Academic Program (SAP), as outlined by the Federal Government and the Financial Aid Office (see University catalogue for a definition of SAP).

How do I qualify for a Student Employment position?

Student Employment positions are very limited, and to qualify you must be hired by a supervisor, and turn in all of the required employment forms.  Supervisors fill student employment positions through their own interview process.

If you are interested in finding a Student Employment position on campus, please view the online job board.

Does the University of La Verne Student Employment Program pay student employees for Jury Duty?

No, the University of La Verne Student Employment Program cannot compensate students for time spent in Jury Duty.

Does the University of La Verne Student Employment Program pay student employees for holiday pay?

No, the University of La Verne Student Employment Program cannot compensate students for holiday pay.

How may hours a week am I allowed to work as a student employee?

Students can work up to 20 hours per week during semesters and 28 hours per week during summer, winter, and spring breaks. However, supervisors are responsible for scheduling their student employees and determining how many hours per week each student is actually needed. If you wish to work a certain number of hours you should speak to your supervisor to make arrangements.

How do I know what my pay-rate will be?

All student employees will be informed by the supervisor about their rate of pay at the time of hiring. The student may contact the Office of Human Resources at (909) 448-4076 for this information also.

If I need my student employment status documented for any reason, what should I do?

If you need to have your employment status verified, please call the Office of Human Resources at (909) 448-4076 to make an appointment to meet with the Student Employment Coordinator. If the forms cannot be completed during the appointment, you will be given a return appointment to pick up the documents. Please note that every effort will be made to provide students with documentation of their employment status as quickly as possible.

What is different for International student employees?

International student employees are governed by additional regulations that require additional forms be completed. If you are an International student seeking employment, you are encouraged to visit the Office of International Student Services to find out more about the process. When you have been approved by the International and Study Abroad Center to seek employment on campus, you are encouraged to make an appointment with Ani Kechichian, Associate Director of Payroll Services at (909) 448-4123 to complete the International paperwork. You will also need to complete all paperwork on the Student Employee New Hire Forms page.  As part of the approval process, your supervisor will need to write a quick letter verifying that an offer was made to you with your proposed start date.  This letter will need to be taken to the nearest Social Security Office where you can obtain a Social Security Card to work in the US.

How long will my pending employment application remain on file with the Office of Student Employment?

The student employment application packet should only be submitted once you have found employment on-campus.  Student Employment does not retain applications.

I submitted my employment packet, when will I be placed in a job?

The Office of Student Employment does not place students in positions. For available positions on-campus, please visit our online job board. The job board is updated every July 1, and as new positions become available.

How do I obtain Employment Verification?

A:  Student Employment provides employment verification upon receipt of a signed document authorizing the release of employment records from the student employee. Our office does not provide assistance to individuals performing skip tracing.

Employment Verification requests can be faxed to (909) 448-4966, or mailed to:

University of La Verne
Office of Human Resources Student Employment
1950 3rd Street
La Verne, CA 91750

All employment verification will be processed and returned within 5 business days provided student authorization has been obtained and records can be located. Our office does not hold records prior to five years.

Can I work two jobs on campus at the same time?

Beginning July 1, 2018, students will only be authorized to have TWO employment jobs on-campus, with a maximum of ONE of these jobs being Federal Work Study.  Special arrangements will be made for students who assist in another area on a limited, one-time basis. For example, during commencement ceremonies, providing tutoring or performing at a university function.