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Centers forEducators

The campus is recognizing University wide office closures announced 3/13/2020. Staff is working remotely, but you may continue to contact staff by e-mail and phone. For additional information, please visit the University’s COVID-19 website.

The world may be different because you were important in the life of a child. The University of La Verne’s LaFetra College of Education offers programs to help professionals develop the skills they need to have a positive impact on the lives of children.

The University of La Verne has been bringing high-quality graduate-level education and credential programs to Southern and Central California communities for more than 40 years. The programs are usually offered at one of the university’s regional campuses, but are also available at community colleges and K-12 classrooms in order to bring the classes closer to you.


Centers for Educators offers both Master’s degrees and credential programs.