Student Employment

Forms regarding employment may be found here.

On-Campus Employment

Many international students can apply for Non-Federal Work study positions in various campus locations. Once hired, international students must obtain a Job Offer Letter from the Human Resources department confirming that they have been offered an on-campus job. Then the international student will email the Job Offer Letter and submit a request to the OISE for a Social Security Number Verification letter. The OISE will issue a letter to confirm that the student has secured on-campus employment and that they are a full-time student in good standing. Finally, the international student will take a completed and printed SS-5 application form, a current I-20, a copy of their passport, a copy of their visa, a print out of their current I-94, their Job offer letter from Human Resources, and the SSN verification letter from OISE to the Social Security Administration (SSA) office to request a Social Security Number.

To view jobs on-campus, visit the On-Campus Employment site for more information.

Off-Campus Employment

International students must first obtain the proper work authorization from the OISE and/or USCIS in order to work off-campus. The off-campus work authorization options are: