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Applying to La Verne

Interested in applying to one of the programs at La Verne? Here are the steps to follow. Remember you should speak to someone in the college, program, department or school to find out the details.

If you wish to study in the undergraduate program, contact the Admissions Department.

If you wish to study in one of the graduate programs contact Graduate Admissions

Apply to the program you are interested in. In general you will need to submit the following. Remember that you must submit all documents requested by the program or department you are applying for. These documents include the following.

  1. Application form
  2. Reference letters
  3. Transcripts – Secondary and post-secondary
  4. TOEFL Scores
  5. Deposit – nonrefundable deposit that will be applied to your tuition expenses.
  6. If you are applying within the U.S., you will need to submit a transfer clearance form.
  7. Financial Certification Document and Bank statement showing proof of finances for 12 months-or for the length of the program you will enroll in, if less than 12 months.