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Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization

The Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization is a 12 unit, 3 course program. Students admitted into the program have a current Special Education credential, preliminary or professional clear. This authorization is added to the current special education credential and allows the education specialist to teach children with special needs birth through 5 years of age, including early intervention and special education preschool settings. The courses are online, and project/competency based. Once students are admitted to the program, students register for the courses in either the fall or spring semesters, and complete the courses asynchronously and independently. There is fieldwork assigned with each course. Students may register for all three courses in one semester, or take the three courses in two semesters. Once all the competencies for a course have been successfully completed, the student may begin the next course, if the student has registered for the course. Grades are awarded at the end of each semester. If registering for the program over two or more semesters, the first course is SPED 555.

Program Requirements

Required courses: 12 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
SPED 555 Characteristics of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers with IFSP and IEPs 4
SPED 556 Collaboration with Families of Young Children with Special Needs 4
SPED 557 Infant and Preschool Assessment and Instruction 4