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Economics Minor

Economics examines the difficult choices that society, business enterprises, the public sector, and individuals must make to distribute resources. It also deals with explaining and forecasting how an economy will perform, and it provides analytical tools for determining the attractiveness of industries, markets and behaviors that will maximize profits.

The Economics minor is designed to provide students with a broad-based introduction to the methods and techniques of economic analysis.

Program Requirements

Total semester hours: 28

Core Requirements

Code Course Title Units
ECON 220 Economic Analysis I 4
ECON 221 Economic Analysis II 4

Five of the following:

Code Course Title Units
ECON 320 Intermediate Macroeconomics 4
ECON 321 Intermediate Microeconomics 4
ECON 322 Current Economic Problems and Opportunities 4
ECON 323 Money and Banking 4
ECON 324 Comparative Economic Systems 4
ECON 325 International Economics 4
ECON 327 Public Finance and Fiscal Policy 4
BUS 341 International Business 4