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General Studies, AA

This program gives students a general introduction to multiple subjects such as Written and Spoken English (Public Speaking Optional), Fine Arts Humanities (Literature, Philosophy, Religion), Natural Science, and Social Sciences. The student must complete at least six units in each of the four areas to complete this degree.

Program Requirements

Total Program: 60 semester hours
Core Requirements: 8 courses (a course is defined at 2-4 semester hour

Written Communication A – 1 course

Written Communication B – 1 course

Oral Communication – 1 course

Quantitative Reasoning – 1 course

Creative Expression -1 course

Humanities – 1 course

Natural World (Life or Physical Science) – 1 course

Social Sciences – 1 course

Elective Units: The associate’s degree is aligned with the La Verne’s bachelor’s degrees. Students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree at La Verne should consult with their academic advisor to determine the electives that are best suited for their degree.