Earning a multiple or single subject credential takes several steps. Following entry into ULV’s teacher education program, students must successfully complete teaching methodology courses and fieldwork. Candidates then must be accepted for student teaching, which includes courses as well as 15 weeks of in-classroom training, completed in two segments.

The multiple and single subject credential teacher preparation programs address teaching strategies for all students in California schools. Integrated throughout the programs are methodologies to deliver comprehensive instruction to English learners and to work with special populations in the general education classroom. LaFetra is also one of the first universities to prepare candidates in structured literacy, aligning with the California State Literacy initiative.

Information on this page is subject to change. Official program and course information is available in the University of La Verne Catalog.

Program Requirements

Core Requirements

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 425 Language and Literacy, Multiple Subject 4
EDUC 426 Language and Literacy, Multiple Subject 4
EDUC 440 Intermediate Teaching Practices, Multiple Subject 4
EDUC 441 Advanced Teaching Practices, Multiple Subject 4
EDUC 491 Subject Specific Pedagogy – History, PE, and Visual/Performing Arts 4
EDUC 492 Subject Specific Pedagogy – Math and Science 4
EDUC 497 Introductory Supervised Teaching 3
EDUC 498 Advanced Supervised Teaching 6