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Music Minor

Information on this page is subject to change. Official program and course information is available in the University of La Verne Catalog.

The mission of the Music Department is to provide students opportunities to experience a broad spectrum of music from the Western fine art tradition, the many genres of American music, and the music of other cultures. Through the courses and performances offered by the department, students will develop an understanding of artistic expression as an essential part of life and learn skills essential to musicians today. Students may choose a minor with a concentration in performance, history, or theory/composition. The department has a unique relationship with the total educational experience in that students majoring in other areas are invited and encouraged to participate in all classes, ensembles, and applied lessons. Students are given the opportunity to initiate and/or continue development of their musical interests and talents.

Program Requirements

Total program: 30 semester hours minimum

Core Requirements

Code Course Title Units
MUS 230 Music Theory I 4
MUS 232 Music Theory II 4
MUS 352 History of Western Music II 4
MUS 358 Music of the United States 4
MUS 359 World Music 4
  120-182 level Applied Music 4
  108-119A level Ensemble 6

Students are advised to enroll in ensemble for 1 unit unless it requires an Overload to do so.