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Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has approved this program for granting administrative credentials. Students who successfully complete the program requirements can obtain the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and/or a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Management.

Students have four options in the program:

  1. To obtain both the M.Ed. and the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (33 semester hours total), or
  2. To obtain the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential only (24 semester hours total), or
  3. To obtain one of the above while serving in an internship, or
  4. To obtain the M.Ed. only (33 semester hours).

An Administrative Internship credential is available with permission of the program chair. The candidate must be fully matriculated in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program and meet University and CTC Administrative Internship Credential requirements prior to being recommended for the Internship Credential.

Information on this page is subject to change. Official program and course information is available in the University of La Verne Catalog.

Program Requirements

RequirementsCore Courses:6 semester hours

Total Program:

33 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 501 Educational Assessment 3
EDUC 504 Methods of Research 3

Area of Concentration:

24 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDMT 570 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 3
EDMT 571 Human Resource Administration 3
EDMT 572 Educational Leadership 3
EDMT 573 Contemporary Issues in California Schools 3
EDMT 574 Field Experience (3 sems.) 1,1,1
EDMT 576 Organizational Management and School/Community Collaboration 3
EDMT 577 Fiscal Resource Management and Policy Development 3
EDMT 578 School Law 3

Culminating Activity

3 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
ASCD 596 Graduate Seminarr 3

In addition to University admission requirements, the following are required:

  1. Possession of a valid California Credential in teaching, pupil personnel services, health, or library services;
  2. A minimum of two years of full time experience in one of the areas listed above. (Three years full-time experience is needed for credential application and internship);
  3. Verification of having passed the CBEST if working toward the credential;
  4. Writing competency sample in response to required prompt;
  5. Three positive letters of reference, two of which must be from active school district administrators; and
  6. Personal interview