Military Tuition Rate Policy

All active duty military members, their spouses (registered domestic partner), and dependents under the age of 26 admitted unto the university’s adult undergraduate, master’s, and credential programs at the La Verne campus, one of the regional campuses, or La Verne Online will be eligible for the military rate. The same rate will be offered to active service members in the Reserves of the U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard, starting with the first term of enrollment after their service activation. The military rate is not applicable for students admitted to the traditional undergraduate (TUG), Physician Assistant, doctoral, or Law programs.

Students will be required to provide verification of active military status at the time of admission. Spouses (registered domestic partners) and dependents will also need to provide verification of their parents or their spouse’s military status. The military rate cannot be applied until the student is admitted and provides verification of active military status. Once provided, the military rate will become effective the student’s term of admission and will not be retroactive.

Dependents are eligible to receive the military tuition rate until the age of 26 (the term starting date needs to occur before their 26th birthdate).

Students receiving the military rate are not eligible for any institutional grants, scholarships, and/or discounts.

Upon separation or retirement, active duty members, spouses and dependents will be assessed the regular tuition rate as published in the current catalog starting with the term following the date of separation or retirement.