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Gender equality takes center stage at Model United Nations lecture

Assistant Professor of Political Science Juli Minoves-Triquell jokes with Claudia Fritsche, ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The two worked together for the United Nations about 20 years ago. Minoves Triquell said Fritsche is an inspiration in politics because of her willingness to negotiate. During his time at the UN, Minoves Triquell served as Ambassador Permanent to Andorra. Fritsche... 

Support women: Give us tampons

With the student population in La Verne growing, so is the need for basic necessities. We are given free shirts on a weekly basis but things we really truly need are held back, like tampons. The University should be in tune with the needs of all of their students and with women students making up well over half the total student population, such feminine products in restrooms should be a no-brainer,... 

Commentary: Media outlets: Stop objectifying women

<i>Commentary</i>: Media outlets: Stop objectifying women
Mariela Patron, News Editor Compared to past decades, women are now reaching new levels professionally as well as being further acknowledged for their capabilities and accomplishments. By becoming important figures in industries generally led by men, the impact women are making in America is undeniable. However, media outlets have been limiting the way women are represented intellectually by focusing... 

Campus supports women in combat

Alison Rodriguez Staff Writer The Pentagon says women have been barred from roughly 237,000 military positions over our country’s history. Now the tables have turned and they have begun to look to qualified women to fill these roles. Based on 15 separate interviews, students at La Verne feel this is long overdue. The general vibe ebbing from the student populace is that everyone should have an equal... 
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Inequity is not just a women’s issue

Inequity is not just a women’s issue
Editorial cartoon by Jason D. Cox States across the nation are battling issues that directly affect more than half of the American population; the thread connecting these issues is women. In Congress the Republicans proposed a bill that would allow hospitals to let a woman die rather than perform an abortion that could potentially save her life. A bill that was originally proposed in Virginia, and... 
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