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A key principle of the University of La Verne’s mission statement is a firm commitment to “promoting education that facilitates lifelong learning.”  The Extended Learning Program supports this commitment by offering dynamic, innovative and stimulating, continuing education opportunities to individuals intent on expanding their own horizons.

Extended Learning provides a wide array of courses, including non-degree and non-credit offerings; certainly something to fit everyone’s needs.  We’re here to assist individuals interested in rediscovering the advantages of learning. We are well acquainted with the specific needs of working professionals seeking to expand their skills and enhance their career opportunities.  We welcome all lifelong learners who are searching for personal enrichment. We even offer opportunities for traditional-age students who want to challenge themselves in areas that may not be readily available elsewhere.

There is open enrollment for anyone interested in taking extended learning courses. We strive to make all our students feel a welcome part of the La Verne community. We support active and engaged learning and believe everyone has the experience and understanding to make valuable contributions to the experience.

I encourage you to review our offerings here on the website and discover the many opportunities we provide throughout the year. You can also contact us via email jrush@laverne.edu and phone (909) 225-7309.

Interested in teaching an extended learning course? The University of La Verne is always looking for new class ideas and new instructors. Please reach out to Jaimie Rush, Director of La Verne Extended Learning at (909) 225-7309 or jrush@laverne.edu.

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