Corporate Onsite Training

Partner with the University of La Verne

Since 1891, the University of La Verne has been providing for the education needs of the community, dedicated to the belief that a quality, values-based education enriches the human condition by engendering service, scholarly accomplishment, and professionalism.

We have industry experts who will design and deliver programs that are focused on your organizational priorities and challenges.

Gain immediate value from strengthening internal networks and application of content that is relevant to your practices and your employees, delivered on your schedule.

Enterprise-wide Training and Education

Training and Education: Onsite and Online

The University of La Verne provides businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations with hands-on, immediately applicable learning opportunities with relevant, practical and targeted programs.

With the rise of online education, new options for training your employees means greater access and flexibility to accommodate their needs. The University of La Verne offers various formats including:

  • Hybrid classes (also known as “Blended”, this format takes advantage of the features of both face-to-face and online learning)
  • Synchronous training (a virtual classroom allowing students to interact with the instructor and each other in real-time)

Curriculum Development and Design

While every business shares some common characteristics, every business is also unique.  Let us show you how we create can deliver a professional training program tailored to your specific learning objectives and strategic initiatives.

On-Site Training Available

The University of La Verne can deliver any of our current programs tailored and delivered to your organization at your site or at one of our regional campuses to meet your organization’s specific needs. Please contact Jaimie Rush, Senior Director of La Verne Extended Learning at (909) 448-4993 for more information.