Incremental Initiatives

Provide Faculty and Staff Development and Support

The Faculty and Staff Development and Support initiative is focused on providing learning, teaching, scholarship, and wellness resources, opportunities, and support for faculty and staff. Technology, workshops, training, and other programming are all part of this initiative in an effort to prepare faculty and staff for the future of higher education, respond to rapidly changing teaching, learning, and working environments, and provide professional development support.

Enhance Human Resources

The Human Resources initiative will focus on driving human resources excellence and innovation, deploying recruitment and retention strategies, investing in employee development, creating a culture of accountability, and enhancing the employee experience.

Enhance Data Governance

The data governance initiative will work to assess and enhance current data governance activities, investments, and tools to enable data driven decision-making. Data governance is focused on planning, monitoring, and enforcing quality- and security-focused policy on data and systems, and recognizing data as an asset worth institutional stewardship.

Institutionalize Program Review and Assessment

The Program Review and Assessment initiative is aimed at continuous improvement in fulfilling our commitment to student success through evidenced-based approaches. While the university has long had program reviews and assessment, the quality of these processes and their use in decision-making has been uneven. Through a variety of measures, this initiative will enhance quality, while making program review and assessment more manageable and more central to decision-making, including resource re-allocation. These measures include more explicit expectations, more comprehensive data support, faculty and staff training, and greater clarity and accountability across all roles. This initiative is led by a collaborative partnership between the Educational Effectiveness Committee, the Office of Educational Effectiveness, and the Deans Offices Educational Effectiveness Group.

Implement Lean Six Sigma Methodology

The “Leos Lean Together” initiative is a university-wide effort to incorporate the Lean Six Sigma methodology to facilitate continuous improvement and realize efficiencies. Lean Six Sigma is methodology and associated tools to reduce non-value added elements (e.g., wait/process time, duplicated effort, re-work, confusion, etc.) and variation in a process. Lean Six Sigma is a problem-solving framework/methodology geared toward continuous improvement to help everyone at the university work smarter, not harder.