2025 Strategic Vision Development Timeline

This is a basic overview of how/where/when each of the constituent groups below have been involved throughout the 2025 Strategic Vision development process.

Timeline Constituents Involved
Spring 2018

  • Strategic planning process begins with Board of Trustees retreat.
  • Strategy Advisory Task Force (SATF) created.
  • University-wide visioning sessions held with faculty, staff, students.
Board of Trustees; SATF; Students; Faculty; Staff
Fall 2018

  • Strategic themes and vision statement drafted;
  • Draft unit plans created;
  • SATF continued to refine the university’s strategy.
President’s Executive Cabinet; Individual colleges, departments, units
Spring 2019

  • Board of Trustees provided feedback, direction of draft strategy, and approved vision statement.
  • Strategic theme concept papers developed.
  • University goals drafted; Unit plans updated.
  • SATF sub-group recommended initiatives/ objectives from individual unit plans.
  • Board of Trustees approved strategic themes and university-wide goals.
Board of Trustees; President’s Executive Cabinet; SATF; Individual colleges, departments, units
Fall 2019

  • President’s Executive Cabinet and Deans prioritize initiatives (incremental, bridge).
  • Proposals for transformative initiatives drafted.
Deans; President’s Executive Council; Special committees
Spring 2020

  • Proposed plan shared with university community.
  • Board of Trustees approved transformative initiative (May 2020)
Faculty; Staff; Board of Trustees
Summer/Fall 2020

  • Bridge and Incremental Initiatives refined
  • Plan presented to university community
  • Continued work connecting to multi-year budgeting, determining metrics, accountability.
  • Board of Trustees approves 2025 Strategic Vision (Nov. 2020)
President’s Cabinet; Provost Council; Faculty; Staff; Students; Board of Trustees

Dr. Shannon Capaldi, director of the Office of the President & board affairs, and Dr. Louise Kelly, professor of management and College of Business liaison, co-chaired the Strategy Advisory Task Force that consisted of the following members:

  • Dr. Mia Basic, Chief Human Resources Officer, Staff Liaison
  • Dr. Karen Beavers, Research & Instruction Coordinator, Library Liaison
  • Dr. Joseph Cabrera, Asst. Professor of Sociology, College of Arts & Sciences Liaison
  • Rick Hasse, Senior Adjunct Instructor, Faculty Senate & Adjunct Liaison
  • Jodi Jewell, Associate Professor, College of Law and Public Service Liaison
  • Dr. Nelly Kazman, Interim Dean, Regional & Online Campuses Liaison
  • Jackie Ku, ASULV President, Student Liaison
  • Wendy Lau, Trustee, Trustee & Alumni Liaison
  • Dr. Rich Whitney, Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership, LaFetra College of Education Liaison
  • Dr. Richard Simpson, Professor Emeritus, Strategic Planning Consultant