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Jonathan L. Reed

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Jonathan Reed is full professor in the philosophy and religion department and a leading authority on the archaeology of early Christianity. He has worked on archaeological excavations and conducted research in Israel, Greece, and Rome. He has authored, co-authored, and edited six books including Excavating Jesus and In Search of Paul with John Dominic Crossan, which has been translated into six languages including Spanish.

His early scholarship focused on understanding Jesus’ sayings within their first-century Jewish and Roman imperial context. More recently he has been examining the study of Native American religions with a particular focus on the Lakota Ghost Dance and the adaptability of indigenous religions to a modern context. In addition to begin a member of the Academy, Prof. Reed has been honored with the Excellence in Teaching Award (2003) and Ellsworth Johnson Faculty Service Award (2007). He served as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (2009-14) and provost and vice-president for academic and student affairs (2014-21).