How to Apply for a Grant

Faculty and Staff: How to apply for a grant

I have a project in mind! How do I find funding to support it?

The Office of University Advancement (UA) manages relationships with many private foundations and corporations for funding opportunities related to higher-education. UA is an asset and essential partner to any faculty member looking for funding from private foundations. From researching to reporting on your grant proposal, UA will be your partner in developing a competitive and fundable proposal.

If you are seeking funding opportunities from public agencies (federal/state/municipal), please contact Bianca Hunter in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).

Step #1 – Let us know

The first step in initiating the grant process is to send an email to Karina Cummings, Associate Director, Institutional Philanthropy and Strategic Initiatives, with the Notice of Intent to A Submit a Proposal completed as thoroughly as possible. This information helps us target a specific search for funding opportunities that have a greater chance of matching your needs.

If you have already identified a private foundation to support your project we will jump to step #3, assuming there are no conflicts with other La Verne proposals pending with that foundation.

Step #2 – The search is on!

UA has access to online databases for funding opportunities. UA representatives also frequently meet with private foundation program directors, and may be privy to information not available on the funding site. Please allow two (2) weeks for UA to report search results, you will be sent an email with a list of possible funding opportunities for which La Verne is eligible to submit.

To jump start your own search, register with SPIN. The SPIN Database features web based access to private and public funding opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not contact the funding agency. UA and/or ORSP will be the liaison for the agency and La Verne.

Step #3 – Found one.  Now what?

Before writing the grant, obtain approval from your College using the completed Notice of Intent to Apply Form and Checklist.

*If your project requires classroom or lab space, please gain approval from Facilities.

If your project requires University funds, will need to approve

Write your LOI/proposal and share with University Advancement for final edits

Step #4 – Signatures and Submission

Now that your grant proposal is complete, fill out the Grant Proposal Authorization Form, sign and send it to Sharlene Risdon-Jackson to collect remaining signatures. This must be done with a minimum of two (2) weeks lead time before the grant due date

  • The GPA Form requires six administrative signatures and must be completed BEFORE the proposal can be submitted to the foundation. University administration will need time to review, sign and circulate your proposal

UA will submit your grant once all signatures are obtained, a copy of your grant and the signed supporting documentation will be kept within UA foundation files for future reference.

UA will inform you once the funder has approved or denied your proposal. UA will support you on next steps including re-submission, reporting and closing of the grant.

Good Luck!