Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to an email account through the university?

Yes, students are encouraged to use their La Verne email accounts. Visit our technology page to learn about getting one.

What library services are available to me? Where is the library located?

Information about Wilson Library services, hours, and location can be found at their website.

How do I purchase books for my classes?

Textbooks can be purchased at the Campus Store or ordered through their online service.

What is the process for applying for Financial Aid?

A FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will be the first step in applying for financial aid. All students are encouraged to complete this form online. Visit the Financial Aid Office for more information or call (800) 649-0160.

Are there any tutoring services available to CAPA students?

Yes, tutor services are available to all university students free of charge through the Academic Success Center.

Does the university offer any services related to job placement and career selection?

Yes, Career Services provides a wide variety of services, including career advisement, resume and cover letter writing resources, and job placement assistance.

Are computer labs available for on-campus student use?

Yes, a list of the on-campus computer labs may be found at the Office of Information Technology’s website.

Do I have on-line access to my academic records, personal information, class schedules, and registration?

Yes, Banner provides students access to these and other on-line student resources. From the Portal, students may view class schedules, the course catalog, general financial aid information, and more. To gain access to the secure area (academic records and personal information) as a new student, enter your La Verne ID number (listed in your admission letter) and PIN (which will be your birthday in MM-DD-YY format). From there, you will be asked to select a new PIN which needs to be comprised of 6 characters (letters, numbers, or a combination of the two).

How do I look up La Verne classes?

  1. Click on MyLaVerne at the top of the webpage and go to Class Schedule.
  2. Select Term and submit.
  3. Depending on desired course, use the information in the boxes below to fill out the Course Search Form.
CAPA Weekend College Day/Evening Courses (15 weeks) Online Courses
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Campus: CAPA

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CAPA Cycle I
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Campus: Main

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Part of Term: Central Campus

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  1. Click Class Search

As a new student, how do I find my way around the campus and the locations of classrooms?

A map of main campus is available.