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Dr. Jerry Kernes

Dr. Jerry Kernes

Professor, Psychology
Interim Associate Dean, PsyD Program Chair and Director of Clinical Training and Interim Chair of MFT program

Main: (909) 448-4414
La Verne / Hoover Hall 221



I work to inspire and challenge my students. I approach these goals in a number of ways. I strive to help students understand the assumptions behind what they are learning, and I try to incorporate practical examples into my teaching. I believe that students learn best when the information they are learning is made relevant to their personal and professional lives. I infuse multiculturalism throughout my teaching. I make it a point to help students understand concepts through the lenses of gender, ethnicity, social class, and other factors. I view learning as being based upon six pillars: theory, research, practice, personal growth, professional development, and service. I like to use humor, demonstration, and other techniques to grab students’ attention and motivate them.


The major focus of my research to date has been in the area of Positive Psychology which includes such characteristics as values, moral and ethical reasoning, subjective well-being, optimal human functioning, and meaning in life. I am interested in the ways in which helping professionals construct meaning in their personal and professional lives. I am particularly interested in the ways in which these constructions might impact clinical assessment and intervention.

Program Chair & Director of Clinical Training

I’m responsible for the administration of the Psy.D Program including such duties as: scheduling classes, recruiting and evaluating adjunct professors, coordinating graduate assistantships, monitoring students’ performance, facilitating completion of students’ dissertations, updating all program materials, maintaining contracts with external agencies, securing suitable practicum and internship placements for students, and maintaining the program’s accreditation. Most importantly, I see my primary role as fostering students professional development.

Dr. Kernes’ scholarly work can be found at ResearchGate.

Educational Background

  • M.C., Arizona State University
  • Ph.D., Arizona State University


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