Alumni Spotlight: Anne Esperanzate

Anne Esperanzate - HeadshotMeet Anne Esperanzate, an entrepreneurial Intuitive Energy Healer, and Child Life Specialist. In 2019, Anne obtained her master’s degree in child life. Her well-versed knowledge and deep understanding of healing has allowed Anne to extend her work beyond child life and into various avenues of health and wellness. She is a spiritual life coach, a sound healer, and a Reiki Master.

Anne is an undocumented woman of color who has always been a big dreamer. Although her resume was filled with outstanding academic, professional, and volunteer experiences, she knew that her undocumented status was going to continuously be a roadblock when building her dream career. But, as an optimist, she persevered to create her unique path. During her time spent at the University of La Verne, she felt supported to pursue her entrepreneurial endeavors, especially by Dr. Leslie Young, Director of the Child Life program. She created a safe place for Anne to feel heard and seen as she discovered her purpose.

Anne Esperanzate - Spiritual WellnessAfter graduating, Anne found herself in a dark place as the world went into isolation during COVID-19. She was constantly running into closed doors; her undocumented status left her with little resources and opportunities. She found her inner strength and turned her life around through various healing modalities. Now, she is a successful businessperson and is most proud of her heart and soul because she learned to prioritize self-love, which allowed her to overcome her mental struggles. Anne felt that energy healing saved her life, so now she is called to empower others to also tap into their divine purpose. Her goal is to help as many people as she can ground themselves and find their centers through a meditative state, by knowing that growth and fulfillment are found in the simplicity and gentleness of everyday life as they tap into healing frequencies.

Anne has established her private practice as an energy healer. Her mission is, “to be of light and service to others, by reminding you that the great power of healing has been with you all along.” She wants people to live their most authentic, intentional, and purposeful lives. She encourages everyone to heal their inner soul and to trust that they are aligned with everything that is meant for them.

Anne Esperanzate - Energy HealerIn addition to her private practice, Anne works for a few community organizations and non-profits. She works full-time as an On-Site & Outreach Lead at a Filipinx collective retail space in Long Beach (KUBO LB); as well as its sister organization (Kubo Organizing Project), a non-profit that supports small businesses and cultural programming.

Anne wants to remind fellow entrepreneurs to be brave enough to fail, to learn and to discover what their soul craves, but also to surrender to the journey that each person is destined to take, “it does not matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop” – Confucious.

If you’d like to learn more about energy healing, Anne provides the following services:

  • 1:1 Reiki + Sound Healing Services
    • Chakra cleansing and rebalancing
    • Inner child healing
    • Ancestral healing
  • Private Sound Baths
  • Community Sound Baths
  • 1:1 Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Child Life Services
  • Oracle Card readings