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Construction Management

Conducted in a fully interactive format, participants will improve and enhance their construction management knowledge and managerial skills that will effectively bring the greatest business value to their employers or clients.  Private and public building owners are increasingly relying on their construction managers to deliver positive and successful project outcome. Qualified construction managers are required to possess the right management skill sets in order to lead their consultants and deliver projects on time and within budget. Construction managers and building professionals are in high demand right now and they are very competitively compensated in the booming construction industry.

This professional construction management certificate program is designed improve participants’ understanding of construction management strategies and processes, and to expand their management skills from the real world perspective. Your instructor is a scholarly practitioner with more than 28 years of practical experience in project and construction management. This program is unique because your instructor brings a wealth of management expertise and strategic insights that reflect his experiences as building owner, designer, and certified construction manager. Participants will be introduced to key management concepts and their applications to solve complex construction problems. The program will provide the participants with valuable knowledge, practical tools, and innovative strategies. Participants will engage in facilitated discussion group topics focusing on best practices, lessons learned, and case studies as part of this active learning experience.

Who Should Attend

This course is primarily designed for facility professionals, building owners, project and resident engineers, field superintendents, project controls professionals, designers, construction managers, team members, sustainability professionals, and product vendors. With a focus on the basic management concepts, business strategies, and core competencies, the course is ideal for anyone interested in becoming more knowledgeable and marketable in the booming design and construction industry. Entry level and experienced professionals desiring to improve their skill sets and advance their careers in construction management will benefit from this course. 

Features and Benefits

The course provides an opportunity to meet and network with other peers in the industry. Participants are fully engaged with small group discussions and exercises, “real life” project examples with valuable lessons learned. All required course materials are included as part of the course fee. You will learn project tools, skills, techniques, and terminology for effective construction management. Utilizing case studies and real-world examples, your instructor will guide you through an interactive process that integrates theory building, knowledge sharing, and best practices. 

You Will Learn

You will learn project tools, skills, techniques, and terminology for effective construction management. Utilizing case studies and real-world examples, your instructor will guide you through an interactive process that integrates theory building, knowledge sharing, and best practices.

Completing the Program

Certificate of completion will be provided upon successful completion of the course.

Program Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Project/Construction Management

  • Key design, project terminology, and construction terms
  • Project Team, roles, and responsibilities
  • Legal relationships between owners, designers, and construction managers
  • Project Phases and Business Processes

Module 2: Quality Management

  • Quality concepts and processes
  • Costs of Quality
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Quality control and quality assurance and their integration
  • Contract documents – drawings and specifications
  • Agencies reviews and compliance
  • Total quality management

Module 3: Project Delivery Methods and Contract Management

  • Types and analysis of Project Delivery Methods (PDMs)
  • Case Study: Legal Relationships, Implications, and Limitations
  • Contracting types and negotiation
  • Phased Project documentation
  • Bid strategies and contract award administration

Module 4: Cost and Value Management

  • Cost concepts
  • Budgeting development and administration
  • Estimation types and contingencies
  • Cost control and forecasting strategies
  • Value engineering and value management
  • Change order administration

Module 5: Schedule Management

  • Meanings and implications of project schedule
  • Strategic scheduling by project phases
  • Forecasting techniques – Forward pass and backward pass
  • Critical path method and time impact analysis

Module 6: Risk Management

  • Risk identification and Assessment
  • Risk mitigation and adaptation tools
  • Safety management
  • Conflict management
  • Code of ethics of the profession

Module 7: Resources and Change Management

  • Needs assessment and resources allocation
  • Stakeholder management strategies
  • Strategic communication
  • Organization Leadership, partnering and collaboration

Module 8: Sustainability Management

  • Introduction to sustainability
  • Sustainability practices in construction management
  • Sustainable building planning and design
  • LEED rating systems and administration

Module 9: Course Recap & Presentation

  • Course recap
  • Final Exam
  • Oral presentation
  • Reflection