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Leading Within the Age of Smart Machines

The Office of Extended Learning at the University of La Verne is proud to announce our 2-Day “Leading Within the Age of Smart Machines” program. As a leadership development program, this is an entirely new model, teaching leaders about the transforming workplace and the key attributes that will be required to be successful.

According to Edgar Shein, MIT Sloan Management Professor “With the changes in technological complexity, the leadership task has changed. Leadership in a networked organization is a fundamentally different thing from leadership in a traditional hierarchy.”  Are your leaders prepared for the smart machine age?

The smart machine age will profoundly shape future business:

  •  Reimagine perceptions of our workplace
  •  Reinvent ways to adapt to change and innovation
  • Reinvigorate workforce motivation and performance

Participants will acquire the mindset and skills necessary to drive performance and succeed in this new environment. This program can complement a company’s internal leadership development curriculum or can work well as a management training stand-alone.  Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the University of La Verne’s Extended Learning department.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for mid to senior executives with positions such as manager, supervisor, department head, general manager, VP, SVP and President.

Program Design

The program combines interactive exercises, group discussions, role-play, and presentations and is ideal for leads, supervisors and managers of every functional discipline.

Corporate Onsite Workshops Available

Onsite workshops at your location are also available and we have special corporate rates depending on the number of employees participating in the program.  Please reach out to us for more details.