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COVID-19Novel Coronavirus Information

Updated 6/16/2021

Please see additional information on steps to take if you believe you have been infected.

The University of La Verne is closely monitoring an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) coronavirus. The virus has been designated SARS-CoV-2, while the disease it causes has been designated COVID-19. Cases of COVID-19 are present in the United States, including in California.

Current Status: In response to the spread of the novel coronavirus and upon recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the University of La Verne is implementing the following precautions and support mechanisms:

  • The University of La Verne is planning for a full return to in-person learning in fall 2021. (Read more)
  • All students and employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19, with exemptions for religious, medical, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or personal reasons. (Read more)
  • Employees will begin returning to campus over the summer. (Read more)
  • The University of La Verne will continue with remote teaching and learning across all campuses for summer.
  • Students may come to campus during daylight hours to use the Citrus Quad and Sneaky Park for individual outdoor study space. Students must conduct symptom screening through the LiveSafe app, wear face coverings, and socially distance (one person per outdoor table). Students are also asked to check in at the Campus Safety office upon arrival and departure.
  • Enrollment Management and the Athletics Department are offering outdoor campus tours for prospective students, with appropriate safety measures in place.
  • The university will continue to provide technical support, including access to computer equipment and training, for students who need it.
  • Students experiencing difficulty with the online learning environment should contact their department chair, dean, or
  • Individuals with any questions about COVID-19 may call 909-448-1100.

This is an evolving situation, and updates are available from Los Angeles County Department of Public Health  and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including updated travel notices for areas with community transmission.

The university has established three committees to monitor and coordinate university actions:

  • The Novel Coronavirus Monitoring Committee is monitoring the outbreak, in coordination with state and local health departments, and to guide the university in prevention and planning efforts. The committee meets multiple times per week and includes Human Resources, Student Health Center, Risk Management, Office of General Counsel, Campus Safety, International Student Engagement, Budget Office, Provost Office, and Dean of Students.
  • The President’s Cabinet Safe Return Committee approves and enacts relevant policies and procedures. The committee is composed of: Todd Britton – Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President, Office of Information Technology; Shannon Capaldi – Director, Office of the President and Board Affairs; Brian Clocksin, Interim Vice Provost; Doajo Hicks – Chief Human Resources Officer and General Counsel; Rod Leveque – Associate Vice President, Office of Strategic Communications; Sherri Mylott – Vice President of University Advancement (co-chair); Jonathan Reed – Professor (co-chair); Juan Regalado – Chief Student Affairs Officer; Alison Vicroy – Assistant General Counsel.
  • The Academic Affairs Coronavirus Committee is overseeing online, student academic needs and records, academic policies, and student/faculty travel. The committee includes the Provost Office, Center for Teaching and Learning, LaFetra College of Education, Registrar, Grad Council, Dean of Students, Office of Information Technology, Library, Regional and Online Campuses, and academic deans.

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